Ultra lightweight rigid frame wheelchair in titanium. 7 kg weight for a truly light wheelchair, made with state-ofthe- art materials and with an exclusive design.

OFF CARR has designed an ultra-lightweight wheelchair (7kg with a complete setup including clothes guards and brakes) that is conditioning the wheelchair’s world.
Made in titanium, extremely dynamic and agile, is one of the lightest wheelchairs in its range.
It is available in two versions:
· with fix rear axle
· with adjustable rear axle

Refer to the order form for the lightest configuration

  • Ultra-light weight wheelchair.    
  • Titanium rigid frame    
  • Frame weight: 4,4 kg without rear wheels (QUASAR FIX)
  • Frame weight: 4,9 kg without rear wheels (QUASAR ADJ)    
  • Available seat width: from 34 to 44 cm.    
  • Titanium open foot-rest.    
  • Aluminium clothes guards with carbon fibre wings.    
  • Foldaway brakes.    
  • New 24-spoke Ultralight wheels

Shiny titanium


Natural titanium (optional)