At the beginning of the Eighties people with disabilities were limited in many ways. Disability became “active” when the neurologist Ludwig Guttman started to test sport as a positive solution for rehabilitation. Guttman is still considered the father of the modern Paralympic games. In this historical moment OFFCARR was born to make sport and life accessible for people with disabilities. In the current 40th year of customized wheelchairs production Offcarr believes in inclusion once more by supporting great sport teams and athletes, listening constantly the sport’s voice to improve everybody’s life.

Jacopo Geninazzi | Briantea84 ASD | Photo credits: Fabrizio Diral

A sports wheelchair requires a careful technical drawing depending on the sports differences. Shocks, extreme smoothness and the ability to support an athlete’s needs are the primary elements on which a result of a performance is based on. OFFCARR is committed to wheelchair sports since the very beginning and helps athlets making their wishes come true.

Going back to history we can say that OFFCARR sports wheelchairs have rolled on the most famous podiums on earth, thanks to passionate athletes and trainers that were willing to achieve the highest rankings to enter the golden photobooks of sport and memoirs.

Alvise de Vidi at the Paralympic Games of Sidney – 2000

Sydney’s Paralympics in 2000 were the theatre of a golden play for Alvise de Vidi, who reached the golden prize three times with his TEMPEL (800 mt, Marathon, 1500 mt). In 2016, under the open arms of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ, Bebe Vio conquered the golden medal with her ZODIAC FENCING, keeping the title in Tokyo 2020. Adolfo Damian Berdun, from Argentina, reached lots of prizes between Italy and Argentina, Copa Sudamericana and Italian Basketball Championship, with his WIND. Stefano Travisani, member of the para Archery Italian team, reached the silver podium at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and the golden one at the Para-Archery World Championships in Dubai in 2022 with his new THEMIS.

The medals won by Italian athletes are numerous, as well as the podiums reached by international athletes on OFFCARR wheelchairs. Every finish line is an OFFCARR pride and every moment after the performance becomes a fundamental source of feedbacks on sports wheelchairs to help aids reach the highest quality ever. Ultimate raw materials, dynamic design, innovation and high quality define OFFCARR’s sports wheelchairs as custom made aids built around the single athlet. As a consequence the sports wheelchair becomes a self extension, a perfect support to achieve the goal and a means to feel the joy you can only feel when doing your best while practicing sport.

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