Basketball wheelchair ASSIST

Offcarr has a special crush for the sports world and since its birth produces customized aids to better support athletes. The basketball universe is wide and constantly evolving: technical attitude and talented hands are supported by reactive aids. Every basketball wheelchair needs to be impact resistant and perfectly smooth when acting in a match. Offcarr designed and developed different wheelchair models on a case by case basis: role play, experience, training and dynamic charachter of the athlete. ASSIST is a completely customized basketball wheelchair with adjustable axle, adults or kids version. The frame is made out of aluminium or titanium. Rear wheels can have different sizes – 36 spokes or Spinergy version.


  • Aluminium or titanium frame
  • Adjustable axle to better find the right COG
  • Adjustable and padded backrest upholstery
  • Fold down backrest for heights > 30 cm
  • Rear wheels size 24”, 25”, 26” or 28”, quick-release axle
  • Front castors Ø 80 mm
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Anti tip device with standard or hidden arch
  • Rear wheels camber 16°, 18° or 20°
  • Titanium pushrims included
  • Adults or kids version

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