Rugby wheelchair GOTRY (offensive or defensive)

Offcarr pays high attention to the sports world and creates custom wheelchairs since 1983. Rugby has always been a sport based on important values and cooperation: the importance of being part of a group and the strength coming out from the group experience is everything on a final match. Enthusiasm, spectacular body collisions and incredible speed when playing are only three of a long list of rugby features. Rugby wheelchairs need therefore to be good enough to keep up with rugby rules. Only high quality materials are used to build an Offcarr rugby wheelchair: every match requires maximum endurance. GOTRY is a rugby wheelchair for the athlete needing stability and strength, thanks to the welded axle.

Aluminium frame, 26-spoke rear wheels or Spinergy wheels. Available integrated spokeguards or spokeguards by a narrow margin with pushrims.

The rugby wheelchair GOTRY defensive model is different from the offensive model for the presence of a rostrum on the front frame.

  •  Aluminium frame
  • Adjustable and padded backrest
  • Height adjustable backrest
  • Rear wheels 24″, 25″ or 26″ with quick-release axle
  • Front castor Ø 72 mm
  • Double anti-tip device
  • Rear wheels inclination 16° or 18°
  • Defensive version with rostrum on the front frame

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