Offcarr’s wheelchairs are designed to make life accessible and easy. Holidays are an important moment for inclusion and realx and SAND&SEA is an Offcarr design to enjoy the beach holidays at their best. Among its main charachteristics the rigid aluminium frame is available in grey or yellow and armrests are detachable. Transports with SAND&SEA are easy because you can completely disassemble it. The seat width can have a measure of 40, 44 or 46 centimetres. SAND&SEA is completely Made in Italy by Offcarr.

Armrests are detachable to make transfers easier, while the rigid frame contributes to a clear stability feeling for the user and a special ease on pushing the wheelchair for the caregiver.

SAND&SEA can have different configurations starting from a simple choice on the rear wheels, that can be Double Mountain bike or Sand&Street model, and developing on various versions of the wheelchair with three or four total wheels. The front wheel is not swiveling.

SAND&SEA is available in three versions:

SAND&SEA (2 rear wheels: Double Mountain Bike or Sand&Street and one front wheel (size 200) with aluminium rim and solid grey tire)

SAND&SEA WITH 4 WHEELS(2 rear wheels: Double Mountain Bike or Sand&Street and 2 front castors size 200 with aluminium rim and solid grey tire)

You can choose between Double Mountain Bike or Sand&Street rear wheels for your personal SAND&SEA.



Sand&Street rear wheels are special beach wheels made out of an aluminium rim with holes and a solid tire. Thanks to their design they are perfect for the sand but also for regular soils. Why do they have those holes on the aluminium rim? Sand&Street wheels are the ideal choice for the user who wants to reach the sea and enjoy the waves. The rear wheels sink a little on the sand making the wheelchair stop on the seabed, so the user can move from SAND&SEA and find it back again where the wheelchair was left.


They were designed for sand situations but also for other types of beaches like shingles, pebbles or rocky ones. They are pneumatic, so they can be used on the beach or outside the beach, for example to go back to the holiday house or the hotel.  

They are very comfortable for beach strolls too. They are different from the Sand&Street model because when the beach wheelchair meets the seabed it can float a bit (when submerged). SAND&SEA is a wheelchair designed for the beach environment.

The fabric’s pattern can vary only for causes of stock availability of the fabric.


The beach wheelchair SAND&SEA has a rigid frame made out of aluminium and removable armrests to make transfers easier. The base configuration presents 3 total wheels: 2 rear wheels size 24” (choosing between Double Mountain Bike and Sand&Street ones) and a single front wheel (size 200). SAND&SEA is avalable with the frame colours pastel yellow and metallic grey. Which one is your choice?
Available three seat width: 40, 44 and 46 centimetres.
You can completely disassemble it to perfectly fit your car.

SAND&SEA 4 wheels is the perfect rigid wheelchair with and aluminium frame and removable armrests to make transfers easier. This version has a total of 4 wheels: 2 rear big ones (24”, choosing between the Double Mountain Bike and the Sand&Street version) and two front castors (size 200, not swiveling).
SAND&SEA is available in two different frame colours: pastel yellow or metallic grey.
Available seat width: 40, 44, 46 centimetres.
SAND&SEA 4 can bea easily disassembled to make trasports easier. Front castors are not swiveling to guarantee a simple path to the wheelchair on the sand.

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