Ultralight Wheelchair QUASAR DANCING

Offcarr pays high attention to the sports world and creates custom wheelchairs since 1983.

Among the most emotional and elegant sports dance plays a leading role. Wheelchair dancing is something lying between art and sport but is a truly fascinating universe itself, combining performance and a perfect dancer-wheelchair fusion.

QUASAR DANCING is the perfect wheelchair for beginners and professional dancers. Balanced details are accurately designed around the dancer’s requests. Offcarr wheelchairs are 100% customized, guaranteeing high performances and rising success. QUASAR DANCING is a special model deriving from the everyday model QUASAR, excellent titanium rigid wheelchair. A special anti-tip device protects the dancer’s stability as well as the desired rear wheels camber. Sparkling elements are available to be chosen under the spotlight. Dance is made of perfect, small details summing up in a beautiful choreography, and so QUASAR DANCING is.

In terms of personal sacrifices and efforts sport is different for everybody.

Offcarr listens to dancers’ needs and requests to create supporting wheelchairs able to give the right accent to every single pirouette deriving from hard training and technique.

If dance is a way to tell a story QUASAR DANCING is the perfect wheelchair to do it.

Firenze – Laura Del Sere
  •  Titanium frame
  • Entirely custom-made
  • Folding down backrest
  • Rear wheels camber (maximum 12 degrees)
  • Special anti-tip device (optional: available also with carbon mini footrest for the partner)

Check the order forms in the Documents folder to see all the available options.

Word Para Dance Cup Genova 2021 – Rossella Cappotto

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