Sport Wheelchair ZODIAC FENCING

Offcarr pays high attention to the sports world and creates custom wheelchairs since 1983.

Fencing has recently assumed a leading role among the most famous Paralympic disciplines thanks to great athletes contributing to this sport with hard training and excellent results.

Frequent feedbacks coming from athletes and frame perfectioning in time have led ZODIAC FENCING to the highest world podiums, making her the perfect rigid fencing wheelchair to compete at top levels.

Aluminium frame, 100% customized, for adult athletes (seat width 34-50 cm): ZODIAC FENCING has many available configurations to support expert and new athlets.

Bebe Vio, Emanuele Lambertini, Andreea Ionela Mogos (just to name some great Italian Paralympic champions) and so many other international athletes use ZODIAC FENCING for training and matches.

Tokyo (JPN) August 29, 2021 Tokyo Paralympics 2020 Fencing – Beatrice Maria Vio – picture credits Augusto Bizzi / Cip
  •  Aluminium frame
  • Interchangeable safeguards
  • Fixed backrest
  • Rear wheels 24″, 25″ or 26″
  • Height adjustable pushing bar

Read the order form in the Documents section to check all the available otpions for this wheelchair.

Tokyo (JPN) August 26, 2021 Tokyo Paralypics 2020 Fencing – Emanuele Lambertini – picture credits Augusto Bizzi / Cip

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