SAMEKH Postural Backrest

The postural backrest SAMEKH is a product entirely made by Offcarr since its project. It is design to perfectly support the trunk of active people. Careful attention is paid to components: breathable cloth materials and metal body with unique design. The user’s wellness is a warranty with SAMEKH.

Available the aluminium and carbon version. Different depth levels are available to keep the trunk safe and stable: active, deep and extra-deep. The upholstery is made up of different foam levels, highly breathable and active in supporting the user.

The fastening of SAMEKH postural backrest can be centred (with an height adjustability of 3,5 cm) or lateral (double) with a percentage of 100% of height adjustability.

SAMEKH is the fifteenth letter of the Phoenician alphabet . The symbol resembles a spinal cord and the word’s meaning is “pillar”. Posture really matters to live an healthy life: Offcarr developed SAMEKH to give an answer to those active users looking for quality and support.

  •  Available in varnished aluminium or carbon
  • 100% adjustability for SAMEKH with lateral fastening
  • 3,5 cm adjustability for SAMEKH with central fastening
  • Different depth versions
  • Wide range of available colours
  • 3 available heights: 24 / 30 / 37
  • Designed by Offcarr
  • Extremely breathable
  • Comfortable backrest foam

SAMEKH is a Made in Italy product.

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