Jewels have generally evocative names: RUBY is an orthopaedic pediatric wheelchair with rigid aluminium frame and it’s valuable for many reasons. Its ultralight frame has an exceptional stability when pushed and is 100% customizable thanks to the wide range of available options. Carbon options for sideguards and single footplate are available.

The surprisingly light attitude of RUBY makes car transports easier. Just fold the backrest down towards the seat, take off the rear wheels by clicking the central button of the wheels and put the wheelchair frame into your car to have great adventures with your children!
Sometimes a little spell can solve big problems. The posture is a fundamental element when growing up and RUBY’s backrest can go backwards (2 or 4 centimetres) to change the seat depth. This feature is perfect when in need to apply a postural backrest system to the wheelchair without compromising the general set up and balance.

Every gemstone has its special shade of colours, and RUBY can be painted in so many shades, even with fluorescent ones! Choose the frame colour and match the upholstery shade; pick your favourite spokeguards and put a final touch choosing the right colour of your anodized set (rear wheels rims 24″, 22″ or 20″ if LIGHT model, hubs and forks).

The orthopaedic wheelchair for children RUBY is an evergreen wheelchair design. The reliable frame is a combination of craftmanship, strong passion and know-how. Offcarr produces its wheelchairs since 1982 and believes in customization. The customers’ personality is the starting point from which the creation of a new wheelchair begins. By only taking body measures and choosing style details the wheelchair starts coming to existence in our building in Padua, Veneto. Offcarr is great Italian quality.

RUBY has an adjustable central hub and set up. Its great potential expresses itself with adjustable details like a tilt adjustable backrest (that folds down towards the wheelchair) with the special power to go backwards up to 4 centimetres. The T integrated armrest is height adjustable (option – only with carbon sideguards).
The aluminium frame of the pediatric rigid wheelchair RUBY is a real child size wheelchair. The minimum seat goes from 24 centimetres to a maximum of 36 centimetres. Protect your child by applying an antirevolving device on the rear frame.

In a world moving faster and faster the children’s growth is a path full of colours and joyful discoveries. RUBY’s frame is available with an abducted or a standard frame. The abducted one is perfect for minimum seat width (up to 32 centimetres) while the standard frame is suitable for seat width starting from 32 centimetres, The special front frame design creates automatically better room for the application of the right footrests types.


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