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QUASAR is an orthopaedic ultralight wheelchair with rigid titanium frame. Extreme lightness, essentially pure.
QUASAR weights 7 kg (with rear wheels). Nothing compares to QUASAR!

In its essential lines QUASAR keeps being a completely customizable ultralight wheelchair. Every single frame is created from a sophisticated drawing based on the user’s needs and body measures. QUASAR blends totally with the user. Available with fixed or adjustable frame for the user needing changes on its set up every time he/she needs it.

The orthopaedic wheelchair QUASAR is unique and original, giving a concrete answer to your needs. You can choose among three different shapes for the inferior part of the frame, ergo or standard seat and many other configurations. Being a completely customized wheelchair has its advantages! The backrest folds down towards the seat and is adjustable. The frame is welded or adjustable. Titanium footrest with carbon foot-plate on request.

The security of the ultralight wheelchair QUASAR has been tested to guarantee safe travels by car. The QUASAR GT version meets the international safety standards thanks to some carefully designed features: sideguards with stops, safety belt and adhesive hook drawings to help you understand where you can fasten the wheelchair in your car (hooks not provided by Offcarr).

QUASAR’s fame is widely spread: queen of manageable smoothness and freedom when transferring from and to the wheelchair. The refined simplicity of the frame makes travelling by car very easy. Quick-release axles are present in the rear wheels to help you be fasted when taking them off and the backrest folding down towards the seat is perfect for the active person moving a lot and driving often. QUASAR always takes up less space!

Every wheelchair has its personality and QUASAR expresses itself with a wide range of possibilities to choose. Just to name some of them: the anodized set (including rear wheel rims when LIGHT model, forks, hubs and sideguards supports), the footrest type, different type of pushing handles… check the order form to know more.
The minimal elegance of QUASAR gave life to the QUASAR DANCING model for dance wheelchair (check the dedicated section “QUASAR DANCING”) and to the kids’ model QUASAR KID. You can see Rossella Cappotto with her QUASAR DANCING at the World Para Dance Cup – Genoa 2021). Go to QUASAR DANCING page and to QUASAR KID’s page to know more about these two QUASAR models.

A titanium rigid frame wheelchair like QUASAR is a combination of innovation and technology of new materials. Carbon is one of them: ultra resistant and contemporary, you can have your QUASAR with carbon sideguards and adjustable or fixed footplate. Choose your set up and the details of your wheelchair by filling the order form with your therapist. QUASAR is the result of Italian craftmanship with personalized wheelchair for every person.

Choose the order form in the Documentation section to check all the available options for this wheelchairs.


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